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hahaha, i can't believe i found this! I haven't looked at this site in forever. I checked ver my old submissions and i saw this. this shit is fucking rad! I'm in a new band now called Detecive Jabsco. It's the same style except way better. if you wanted too do more stuff for us that would be awesome. please let me know. you can contact me at on AIM under the screename SKAzzini

Thanks again!
Eric (jabsco sax)

you can check us out on myspace..MYSPACE/DETECTIVEJABSCO

Renegade-Hamster responds:

It's interesting how I chose your song, actually. I made the toon first without sound, then downloaded a couple of ska pieces from this site. Yours was one of the best, and the musical cues had this eerie way of lining up with what was happening in the toon, so I used it.

I saw your comments telling flash artists that they could do videos for you, but I didn't think you'd be too ecstatic about Gary Stickman. I'm glad you liked it.

I don't have AIM, but we can talk through email if you want. Right now I'm semi-regularly working on another project, but I've also got another Gary Stickman toon in the works.

I'll email you so you can reply to my address. I don't keep it on this site, because I don't want to deal with hatemail.

my, god...

Holy shit, that had to be one of the funniest animations I've seen in a long ass time! Excellent..

UPDATE 11/1/2019:
Holy snap this profile is still up!! Hit me up on IG: SKAZZINI
I was in Detective Jabsco..we broke up..I see a lot of people on here like our stuff..please IM me if you want a CD. I'm on AIM and my Screename is SKAZZINI..

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